Pedigreed Seed

We offer pedigreed seed wheat, durum and lentils from Certified to Foundation. Our seed cleaner is setup to process cereals and pulses. For pulses, no augers are used in the cleaning process which minimizes the possibility of seed damage.


Yellow Peas

AAC Chrome Yellow Pea (Certified, Registered) - Download PDF

- Top yielder across many Western Canada trials
- Very good standability
- Exhibits good pod integrity at harvest time, very little seed drop noticed in dry conditions
- Resistance to powdery mildew
- Large seed size
- Stood well on our farm and had high pea/pod count. Very nice to harvest.

CDC HICKIE Yellow Pea (Select, Foundation) - Download PDF

- Smaller seed size than Chrome
- Starts podding higher than Chrome, can cut higher at harvest
- Taller plant than Chrome but stood well with excellent yields comparable to Chrome (few percent less for us)


CWRS Wheat

AAC Hockley CWRS (Registered, Foundation) - Download PDF

- Non-midge Tolerant, semi-dwarf variety
- Short straw, good protein
- Great harvestability

AAC Starbuck VB CWRS (Certified, Registered, Foundation) - Download PDF

- Excellent yields, good protein levels
- AAC Brandon is the refuge
- MR to FHB

CDC Landmark VB CWRS Wheat (Certified, Registered) - Download PDF

- Semi-Dwarf Midge Tolerant wheat variety
- High Yielding variety
- Easy threshing provides a great sample.



CDC Defy (Certified, Registered, Foundation) - Download PDF 

- Stands excellent in high yielding spots, have had next to no lodging on our farm
- MS* to FHB, same rating as Transcend
- Excellent sample, very easy to combine

AAC Succeed VB CWAD (Certified, Registered, Foundation) - Download PDF

- Midge Tolerant CWAD variety
- Well rounded disease package


Small Red Lentils

CDC Simmie CL (Certified, Registered)

- New variety for 2021
- High yielding Clearfield variety vs. check(Maxim)
- Seed size slightly smaller than Maxim
- Plant height similar to Maxim
- Maturity slightly later than Impulse

CDC Impulse CL (Certified, Registered, Foundation)

- Higher podding height than Maxim, helps with harvest.
- Large seed size
- Improved Yields over Maxim.